A business rarely has a planning horizon of more than a few years and yet commercial property leases revolve around periods that start with five years – usually more. Is there a way to resolve this disconnect between two disparate timescales?

Enter coworking. Over the last few years we have seen an explosion in the provision of coworking space, especially in London – which now represents about 4% of total office floor area in the capital and growing. Many organisations subscribe to it precisely because of the misfit between business needs and the commercial property offer. Smaller enterprises cannot afford the cost and risk of a lease, so short-term space is a no-brainer.

We will take the opportunity to explore the subject of coworking and just where it is in its lifecycle and what we can expect in the next five years.

Introducing our Event Speakers

MixInspired brings together the industry’s greatest minds to ensure an informative, forthright and entertaining panel. Speaker profiles will be added below as panelists are confirmed.

  • Katrina Larkin Co-founder &
    Head of Experience

  • Tim Yendell Head of
    Choice & Design


The event will take place from 6pm-8pm

MixInspired is open to members of the A&D, D&B and Property community. Join us for drinks and nibbles plus some great networking opportunities before our panel explores the subject of just where we are in the Coworking lifecycle and what we can expect in the next five years.

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MixInspired is free to attend and is CPD accredited too.

If you are part of the A&D, D&B or the property professionals community, register now to attend this MixInspired session at Millken’s showroom in the heart of Clerkenwell.

20 March 2019 - London

Milliken Showroom, 5 Berry Street, London. EC1V 0AA View on map >

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