As a new cohort – bigger than the Boomers – gets to work, the office workspace is being reshaped.

The line between work and leisure will blur as the traditional workplace model is being replaced to accommodate the needs of the next generation.

The objective of the designer has never been clearer: to create an environment for happy, efficient and healthy staff – and, for the business leader, less unnecessary recruitment.

Coworking space, with its informal and collaborative ethos, will scale up whether under a coworking brand or not. This will provide a refreshing workplace for many – but not without its problems, as employees still need to concentrate. Voice activation is likely to be prevalent and will no doubt be a boon for some, but not for others

‘Smart’ environments will take hold and, for those business leaders that embrace it, will reap the rewards of a more efficient workplace – but will we see a future where all places and people are monitored?

Like never before, the key protagonists in this particular story are: the business leaders, the property professionals and the design community – but are they all up for the workplace evolution that is happening right now and ready for the next generation of office workers?

Event Speakers

MixInspired brings together the industry’s greatest minds to ensure an informative, forthright and entertaining panel.

  • Frazer Smith Estates Director, HMRC
  • Roxanne Quesnel Director & Business Unit Leader, Occupier Project Management, Turner & Townsend
  • Marco Serra Global Chief Architect, Novartis
  • Oliver Heath Director, Oliver Heath Design

17 September | 6pm - 8pm

AECOM, Aldgate Tower
Aldgate Tower
2 Leman Street
London E1 8FA

MixInspired is open to A&D, D&B and property professionals. It is free to attend and CPD accredited too.

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